Change Resolution s60v3

Change Resolution s60v3 0.2

Tweak the display settings of Java applications


  • Quickly changes resolution
  • Three display settings


  • Be sure to back-up the original JAR file first


One of the problems with playing many Java games on a Nokia S60 phone is that they often only take up a partial area of the screen on high resolution displays. The likelihood is that if you're trying to play some of the older games on a new phone, you'll run into problems when viewing them. Change Resolution is designed to put a stop to these problems, allowing you to adjust the display of mobile Java applications to fit the most common screen resolutions.

The software makes it pretty easy to configure these display settings over the course of two pull-down menus. The freeware supports all the recent Nokia mobile phones using source and target sizes 176×208 (Basic), 240×320 (QVGA) and 352×416 (Double).

If you're frustrated by Java games not displaying properly on your phone then Change Resoltion s60v3 provides a very simple and effective workaround.

Change Resolution allows you to resize, edit and change the screen resolution of Java based JAR games to any of the following predefined formats : 176 X 208 (Basic) , 240 X 320 (QVGA) and 352 X 416 (Double) right from your desktop.

Just select the original and desired screen resolution for the game you want, select the JAR file from your computer and it will automatically make the necessary changes for you.

Change Resolution s60v3


Change Resolution s60v3 0.2

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  • by Anonymous

    good software but ... NMP E61i.
    ... have problems with my e61i for example the gtour_S60_31_WORLDWIDE.jar has o...   More